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Wooden floor: the great guide. The choice, the pose, the problems

A house with a wooden floor always has a special charm. By now, installing parquet at home is becoming an increasingly popular choice, also thanks to the new production techniques that have significantly reduced costs.

As with everything that revolves around a restructuring, however, the danger is always lurking: if you are not adequately prepared and you do not follow those who are more experienced than you, you could make decisions that will not lead you to have the result you dream of luxury vinyl flooring in Duncan, OK.

Just to help you not make mistakes, I wrote this guide in which you will find everything you need.

In the next lines we will essentially address three aspects:

The types of wooden floors that you can find on the market

The types of installation that can be carried out

Problems that may arise from a wrong choice or from an improper installation

I never get tired of pointing out that practical remodeling is not a DIY site, so I won’t tell you how you will have to lay your hardwood floor – it’s a professional job, so let’s let them do it in the best way possible. What you need to do is understand the characteristics and problems associated with a wooden floor.


To deal in detail with all types of existing wooden floors, a manual would be necessary. The choice is so vast that there is probably no person on earth who knows them all.

I do not pretend to write an encyclopedia of the wooden floor, rather I want to explain to you what are the three macro -categories in which wooden floors are divided (or passed off as such) among which you will find yourself having to choose, and explain the advantages and defects. , so that you can make an informed choice.

The structure of the wooden floor

There are three types of wooden floors:

Solid wood floor

Pre-finished wood floor

Laminate floor

Each of these types has particular characteristics that make it more or less suitable for use for the flooring of your home.